Our spring classes have started. Please call the studio for more information on classes or for registration.

Mission Statement

We, as a School of Dance, are committed to the dance education of your child through an enjoyable, yet challenging learning environment. We are a training facility dedicated to help each student achieve physical excellence, mental acuity and high personal discipline while exploring the art of dance.

 We believe in careful, comprehensive and quality training of each student in whatever form of dance they chose to discover. We believe that through a systematic and step-by-step training program, the student will develop positive self esteem by achieving clearly established goals.

We recognize each student possesses different strengths and encourage them to reach their own personal best effort. We believe this develops strong life skills.

Whether our students are interested in recreational dancing or the pursuit of a professional career, the staff at Kristina's is dedicated to helping our students achieve their individual goals.

We strive to develop strong bodies and sound minds while instilling an appreciation for the art of dance in each of our dancers.