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Competition Team

Welcome to Kristina’s Studio of Dance Competition Team.  It is an honor to be on the team, however, before deciding to accept, please read carefully this list of requirements and commitments required by all dancers (and their parents) to be a member.  As a member of this elite team of dancers, you will have the opportunity to participate in performances, three to four competitions, one national competition, as well as guest teacher workshops.

I have researched and interviewed many dance teachers with similar programs to design what I feel is a reasonable and workable program.  I have done my best to inform you of all pertinent information and costs so that we can all enter the program without any misconceptions or misunderstandings.

Being a team player is an important responsibility and I have prepared this special handbook to help you better understand your commitment.  It is the parent’s and the child’s responsibility to read and understand the requirements and decide if both of you can agree to commit yourself 100% to the program.

It is my wish for the team to provide a great deal of fun and good lessons for its members.  Many dancers have never been interested in or played organized sports.  The competition team will offer exposure to many of the assets that organized competitive sports can offer such as: hard work and the rewards that come with it, learning to work together, commitment, time management, camaraderie, goal setting, being held accountable and self-confidence.

My philosophy on competition is to use it as a training tool for each dancer, to see other dancers and styles and levels of accomplishment.  Participation in such events is a reflection of our school’s commitment to a well-rounded dance education for the dancer.  It is not only about the way we train our dancers, but also on how we, as teachers, influence them as people.  It is our studio’s goal to develop a genuine respect for dance as an art form in each of our competition team members.

With the right focus, the experience can be an excellent motivator of self-confidence.  If the dancer feels good about their performance and understands that they are better each time, then they are truly growing through the competition experience.  Hitting that stage and doing the best that they can is what it’s all about.  The actual award becomes secondary.

We hope to instill an appreciation for other dancers and their studios.  We are not out to “beat” anyone; rather we are out to motivate our dancers and faculty by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent available.  For us, competition is an education!

Being on the Competition Team will require a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun, and I look forward to having your child be a part of it!

Dancingly yours,

Kristi Beeler



Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 competition season!!  The team did an awesome job last year and I am looking forward to another successful year.  I am truly excited about all of our dances for this year.  Please remember that it is very important that everyone work together as a team.  I feel that I am very fortunate to have such a super group of parents and students to work with.  Parents, I want to thank you for all of your support and the dedication you show when it comes to your children.  We have come such a long way because everyone cooperates and works together. 
The following is a list of guidelines I EXPECT all competition members to follow:

1.    ACCOUNTS - All accounts must be kept current at all times!  I know it is hard    
to pay for regular dance on top of competition fees, but you must    
remember that this is the way that I make my living.  You wouldn’t want to go to work and not get paid!  If you feel that you cannot afford the expenses of the competition team, please do not put your child in it.  If accounts fall behind and arrangements have not been made, students will be dismissed from the team.  I have been lenient in the past, but I can no longer do this.  Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

There will be a $75.00 deposit for each costume your child is having made.  This deposit is due before the costume is made or the material is purchased, by October 15th.  Balances will be due when costumes are completed.  If costumes are being ordered, I will need at least 75% of the costume cost before my ordering date and the remaining balance will be due 30 days after the costume has been ordered.

Tuition for the competition team will be as follows:
q  Group practices are $8.00 per hour or $5.00 per ½ hour, per student
q  Duet/Trios are $15.00 per ½ hour per student
q  Soloist’s fees are $30.00 per ½ hour

Dancers are responsible for any and all fees involved in any competition. Fees are approximately the following:
*        Groups will average between $30.00-$45.00 per student,  per number to
           participate at a regional level
*        Duet/Trios will average between $45.00-$60.00 per student, per number
      to participate at a regional level
*        Soloists will average between $80.00-$100.00 per number to participate at
      a regional level

Fees at the national level will be a little higher.

There is a $250.00 deposit for all students unless they are on the Senior Competition team. If your child is a member of one of this team, their deposit will be $350.00. These deposits will be used for entry fees only. You will be contacted if additional money is needed for your child’s fees. If your child is on the Senior team, there will definitely be more fees due. If there is any remaining balance from the deposit it will be applied to the dancer’s account in May.
The $250.00 or $350.00 deposits are due at the time of the parent meeting or no later than October 12, 2019. If deposits are not made this year, your child will be dismissed from the team!!

All members will need to purchase Competition Team cover-ups, including jacket and bottoms, and a team bag.  We look impressive at competitions when we are dressed uniformly.  A competition t-shirt will also need to be purchased as it is the attire for the group picture.  Fundraising is available and is optional.

2. REHEARSALS-All dancers will be on their best behavior during all rehearsals and are expected to work as a team player at all times.  Team members have the responsibility to set the example at the studio for the younger children through their actions and dedication to the art of dance. The Competition Team is for the most dedicated student.

A professional choreographer will be coming to the studio to do the choreography for the dances that will be taught.  There is a choreography fee that is required for each dance that your child is a part of.  There will also be master classes that all competition students are required to attend.  The cost of the choreography will be given to you at the parent meeting.  The cost for the master class is an additional $35.00.
The choreographer will return sometime in January or February to fine tune the dances and again hold her master classes.  There will be small charge for this and the cost for the master class is $35.00.  This is a requirement for all competition students.

A Pep Rally will be held before we attend our first competition.  All students must attend as this serves as our dress rehearsal for competition routines.

There are times during the year when the Competition Team will perform at shows.  It is very important that ALL members attend every show if their group is performing.
3. ATTENDANCE - Should it become necessary to change a rehearsal or competition schedule, for whatever reason, members and their parents must agree to adjust to these changes.  During the year, conflicts will arise.  Therefore, students will be allowed to miss up to four competition practices.  If a student repeatedly misses practice, it will be grounds for dismissal from the team.  Practices will be held during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break holidays.  The competition rehearsals will be consolidated to accommodate the holidays and if students have plans to be out of town, these absences will not be counted.

Team members and their parents must agree to commit their participation and support for the entire year. (August-July) Dances will be staged and choreographed to accommodate all team members.  If a member drops out or is released, this affects the other dancers and the staging of the number.

ALL competition team members must be enrolled in a one-hour tap/jazz or tap/ballet combination class in addition to technique classes and ballet class where applicable.  This is not an option and attendance will be monitored.  Students will be allowed to miss up to four classes a year.  Strong technique is a must to be a strong dancer and ballet is the basic format for all forms of dance. The ballet classes will be offered September through May.  Intermediate member technique classes will be one hour per week from August through June.  Junior team members are required to take one one-hour jazz technique classes from August through June.  Senior team member technique classes will be one hour per week and will be held year round.
All students are required to perform in the recital at the end of the season.  If a student does not perform in the recital, they are not eligible to attend nationals.

4.  COMPETITIONS - Students will receive a list at the parent meeting in
                    September, of the three to four regional competitions we will plan to attend this year.  All students are required to attend all competitions.  We will attend nationals in Branson, MO.  It is imperative that all students attend all practices before Nationals.

Lists will be posted on the door as soon as they are received as to when the team will be dancing.  We usually receive this information the week prior to the competition, so be sure to check the door.  Also, it is your responsibility to make all of your travel arrangements for you and your family.

Students involved in groups or duet/trios will have a certain dress code to follow, which includes earrings, hose, hair, shoes, etc.  A list will be included with each costume explaining how the hair is to be fixed and what accessories are to be worn, and I will expect everyone to be dressed accordingly.  Also, all make-up must be applied in the same manner.  Specific colors will be used.  Kristin Brees will be ordering the eye shadow and blush.  Please purchase these directly from her.  Templates are handed out in the handbook explaining colors and how make-up is to be applied.  This is to insure we will not have any point deductions for costuming.

Score sheets from the competitions will not be given to students or parents.  Scores and comments will be discussed at practices with the group as a whole.

If the students win money at Regional Competitions, it will be divided equally among the students who won it.  At Nationals, if money is won, it will be divided evenly among the students and me.  All money will be applied to your account and will not be given to the child.

5. PICTURES - Pictures of all groups, duet/trios, and solos will be displayed in the cases in the lobby of the studio for the next year.  A professional photographer will take all the pictures in an outdoor setting sometime during the Spring.  Information will be on the door as well as in the monthly newsletter.     

6. SPORTSMANSHIP - All team members and their parents must be supportive of the program and all of its members and parents.  Team members and parents must exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.  Derogatory remarks or acts of unkindness to other team members and/or their parents or competitors from other teams will be grounds for dismissal from the team.  Team unity, enthusiasm, and good sportsmanship must be encouraged at all times.  Remember, actions speak louder than words, so please keep all negative comments to yourself as you never now who is within earshot of your unkind words and whose feelings an ugly remark may hurt.  Let’s make Kristina’s a studio that shines!

Remember that the sky is the limit, and in the end all of the hard work pays off.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at the studio, preferably during the daytime, or you may e-mail me as well.  I am looking forward to an exciting year for everyone.  Thanks again for all of your cooperation.  We will have a DYNAMITE season!        

Dancingly yours,
Kristi Beeler
Parents Code of Ethics 

I recognize the importance of dance in the lives of young people; I pledge that I will participate in my child’s dance activities in accordance with the following:

·           I will promote teamwork, sportsmanship and a competitive spirit for all dancers and spectators in a positive manner.
·           I will not question the judgment of any faculty member or choreographer.
·           I will support my child’s team, teachers and choreographers and resolve to allow the teachers to manage their dancers and choreography as they feel best benefits the entire team.
·           Because I am a role model for my child as well as other dancers, my personal conduct at the studio, performances, competitions and other studio events must be above reproach and represents the highest standards on morality, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Therefore I pledge that:
·           I will exhibit exemplary behavior at the studio, performances and        competitions for our dancers, other parents and spectators.
·           I will at all times control my emotions and will be considerate of all dancers and parents collective emotions.
·           I will not make disparaging remarks of any type with regard to the teachers, choreographers, choreography placement, costumes, other parents, competition judges, other schools, or publicly criticize them in the studio or course of any event.
·           I will not call or question the competition directors or the judges at any time.  I will direct all inquiries to Ms. Kristi only.
·           I will encourage my child to the best of my ability at all times.
·           I will not make a judge on my child’s performance and always will be there to support them with regard to what the results of the competition are.
·           I will never make a negative comment concerning other parents or their children, whether they are from Kristina’s or not.
·            I will always applaud for all dancers when attending competitions, including the students of other studios.


·       I will be properly warmed-up prior to a performance.
·       I will not make a derogatory statement concerning another dancer, either from Kristina’s or other dance studios.
·       I will applaud for all dancers, either from Kristina’s or other studios.
·       I will serve as a proper role model to the younger dancers at all times.
·       I will respect my parents and teachers at all times during any competition.
·       I will not “hang-out” in the backstage area.
·       I will say “Thank You” when presented with an award and show respect for the judges at all times. 
·       I will not approach the judges or directors of the competitions.  All inquiries will be made to my teachers.
·       I will wear my Kristina’s cover-up and t-shirt to all competitions.
·       I will arrive at competitions with all accessories, props, and designated shoes and with costumes pressed ready for performance.
·       I will wear the hairstyle requested by my teacher.
·       I will not sit on the floor of the auditorium or ballroom.
·       If I leave the stage during a performance, I will not request to perform a second time.
·       I will keep all dressing areas clean.
·       I will remain in the auditorium or dressing rooms only.  I will not roam through any high school or hotel at any time.
·       I will act with proper dance etiquette at all times.
·         I will accept the results of all competitions.

                  COMPETITION TRAVEL KIT    


Beauty Supplies: 
ü   Hair Spray
ü   Comb and Brush
ü   Pony Tail Holders
ü   Bobbie Pins
ü   Make-up
ü   Make-up Remover
ü   Baby Powder
ü   Deodorant
ü   Toothbrush
ü   Toothpaste
ü   Cotton Balls
ü   Q-tips

First Aid:
ü   Disposable Ice Pack
ü   Ace Bandage
ü   Adhesive Bandages
ü   Alcohol or Peroxide
ü   Antiseptic
ü   Aspirins

ü   COSTUME(S) and all accessories
ü   Dance shoes for each costume if necessary
ü   Extra pair of tights
ü   Extra pair of shoestrings
ü   Glue gun
ü   Hair curlers
ü   Water
ü   Scissors
ü   Safety Pins

This list is just an example to help you set up your own kit.